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Writer/Director Patricia Harris Seeley heads for Mount Everest

​​​President and key creative behind Ageless Pictures will be heading on a research trip to the base camp of Mount Everest. She will be hiking to base camp over a twenty day period and immersing herself in the Tibetan culture. Sleeping amongst local tea houses at extreme altitudes, experiencing ceremonies at monastaries, and studying the incredible landscapes, Patricia is researching for Ageless Pictures' upcoming feature THE DESCENDING which she is co-writing with Peter Symons.

THE DESCENDING is a horror/thriller currently in development with Harris Seeley directing, Trevor Seeley producing, and Kristopher Van Damme attached as creative consultant and an acting role. The film will show the story of a desperate Columbia professor who joins an unscrupulous climbing guide to recover a 1,000 year old mummy on Mount Everest. They discover a frozen Buddhist monk who had sacrificed his body to trap an ancient demon...that's now unleashed. ​​

Patricia will be writing a personal blog to document the trip.. stay tuned!

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